Tradition, Aroma and Flavor

La Santa

If you are looking for a restaurant in Ribes de Freser that offers authentic and high-quality products, committed to Km0 products whilst respecting the environment, you will find it at La Santa restaurant.

 The restaurant represents the philosophy of Catalan restaurants committed to excellence. In addition, it also emphasises the importance of a good product, prepared with sensitivity and the most sophisticated culinary techniques to ensure that each of its dishes captivates all the senses of those who taste it.

La Santa restaurant is located in the Angelats Hotel, whose building was originally built as a church in the 18th century by the Battló family and whose Victorian architecture has been preserved to this day.

At La Santa you can enjoy tradition, either from the terrace with a beautiful view or inside the beautiful walls. Thanks to the original Victorian style and a commitment to sustainable, healthy and authentic cuisine, you will enjoy an incredible atmosphere, warm and full of a traditional freshness that will enchant you.

"Gastronomy demands attention, patience and respect for the gifts of the earth"

Gastronomic proposal

At La Santa, the restaurant with Catalan cuisine, you can taste our traditional gastronomic slow food offer, focused on sustainability and respect for the environment and local products, which are prepared with great care. You can enjoy dishes made with fresh, local ingredients, all prepared with charcoal in a Josper oven and with the utmost respect for the land and the unique environment that surrounds us.

The cuisine of La Santa restaurant perfectly combines the basics of traditional gastronomy with modern and avant-garde techniques to offer you an unforgettable experience. Our culinary team has devised a special culinary offer that will enchant your palate and, together with the warmth and affection we always put into the service and interaction with our guests, will ensure that you remember us and will undoubtedly want to come back!



If you are looking for a Catalan cuisine restaurant in a unique environment and where to live a unique dining experience come to La Santa Restaurant, your restaurant in Ribes de Freser.

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